Discover my success story with Mövenpick

Find out more about franchising through the testimonial of franchisee Peir Lai, currently operating Mövenpick Doncaster and South Bank. He will explain to you why he chose Mövenpick , the support he was provided with and the outcomes of his two stores.

Franchisee testimonial

Who am I?

I am a qualified accountant who spent over 15 years in business & IT consultant to many large Australian and international companies. In 2009, I saw an article announcing a “Franchisee Information Evening” hosted by Mövenpick ice cream while I was leafing through newspaper job ads. Having grown up enjoying Mövenpick ice cream in Asia since the 80s, I instantly recognized Mövenpick as the premium ice cream brand that I loved.

Why did I choose Mövenpick?

I attended the information evening without any expectations but was very impressed by the very professional presentation by the Mövenpick team. By the end of the event, I was convinced that Mövenpick would be the perfect fit for my business aspirations for several reasons.

Consistant quality and variety of products

Firstly, the Mövenpick ice cream was centrally made in Switzerland to the highest quality, not to mention the wide ranging and ever-changing flavours. This means that I do not have to worry about the quality and variety of products I can introduce to the customers.

No hospitality or retail experience needed

Secondly, the systematic way that the Mövenpick franchises are operated means added confidence that I can open and operate a successful Mövenpick parlour without prior hospitality or retail experience.

Mövenpick support to the franchisee

Most importantly, the Mövenpick Australia team comprise of professionals with years of hospitality and franchising experience, who can provide strong support to the franchisee every step of the way.

What support did I get from Mövenpick?

Once I had registered my interest with Mövenpick and attended a detailed interview with the Mövenpick Australia team, a very systematic process kicked in, from site selection, lease negotiation, store design to finally opening the store. Even though it was very challenging to obtain finance in 2009 given the global financial crisis, I was able to present a very strong business case to the banks and secured a loan within 2 months. The most exciting part of the process was the in-store training at Mövenpick Bondi, where I received hands-on instruction on the art of scooping the perfect ice cream, baking fresh waffles and making ice coffee.

What were the outcomes of my first store?

My first store in South Bank, Brisbane opened in July 2009 and has been profitable from day-one. Many of my customers had already tasted Mövenpick in Europe and were really excited that such a premium product had finally arrived in Australia. After running the South Bank parlour for 12 months, I returned to full-time work because my team had fully adopted the Mövenpick system and was able to operate the store effectively with minimal supervision.

What new opportunity did I get?

My business consulting work brought me to Melbourne in mid 2010 and much to my surprise, Mövenpick had decided to pilot its first “shopping centre model” by combining its premium ice cream with a broader dessert and pastry range in selective high-end shopping centres. When Westfield Doncaster expressed their enthusiasm in Mövenpick, I was offered this second parlour and the rest is history.

How did Mövenpick give me the confidence to open a second store?

I must admit that I was nervous about running two stores in two different states but Mövenpick’s proven operating model gave me the confidence to expand my business portfolio within the franchise. Given my experience with the first parlour, the process of opening the Doncaster store was even smoother, and we were able to focus on expanding our dessert menu and tailoring our marketing strategy to the local Melbourne market.

What were the outcomes of my second store?

Mövenpick Doncaster was opened in late May 2010 and already we have received many customer requests to open more parlours in Melbourne. This came as a pleasant surprise for me given Melbourne’s relatively cooler weather. Now I am really looking forward to Mövenpick expanding its presence in Melbourne, as clearly there is a strong demand for our all natural premium ice cream!

Peir Lai
Mövenpick Doncaster and South Bank


Mövenpick Boutiques

In 40 years, the Swiss premium ice cream Mövenpick has greatly expanded and is now available in 38 countries worldwide!

In Australia, Mövenpick Ice Cream opened its first franchised store in 2008. Today we have 14 franchised Mövenpick boutiques operating on the east coast of Australia.

What Do You Get?

• Swiss Premium quality produced Ice Cream

• The right to utilize the Mövenpick ice cream brand name, systems, trademarks that have been developed over 40 years

• The chance to join a experienced and vibrant team with great opportunities for growth in Australia

• Site/lease assistance

• A professionally designed and fully fitted out store

• Initial and ongoing support from the Operations / Training / Marketing and Management team to ensure that you understand fully the operational/financial and marketing aspects of your new Mövenpick ice cream Boutique business