Passion for gastronomy

Gastronomy was always our guiding passion, since the earliest days of Mövenpick Ice Cream.

You can see that passion in the quality of the ingredients we use, always searching the world for the best. Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar, for example. Grand Cru cocoa from Ecuador and cream, of course, from Switzerland.

You can see it in the savoir-faire of the Mövenpick Maîtres Glaciers who are the masters of everything we make. They alone are the authors of every recipe, and their influence has an impact at every stage of production: the selection of ingredients, their skilful combination with Swiss cream and the evolution of production techniques too.

You can also see it in our passion for the proper serving of ice cream – as a perfect scoop that releases the full flavour and is also a treat for the eyes. Because appearance is also a necessary part of the gourmet's pleasure.