5th April, 2016

In concocting their latest creations, the Mövenpick Maîtres Glaciers drew inspiration from the gastronomic delights of the Swiss cantons. Regional delicacies such as apricots from Valais, double cream from Gruyère, chocolate from Schwyz and caramels from Basel are artfully transformed in authentic, flavoursome recipes.  

This new gourmet experience celebrating Swiss culinary heritage is available in limited edition from March 2016.


Apricot sorbet from Valais

A velvety sorbet made with sun-ripened apricots from the Valais region, enriched with juicy apricot pieces. A true fruity delight!


Double cream from Gruyère & Strawberry

The perfect match of a smooth double-cream ice cream and a velvety strawberry sorbet with meringue pieces. A harmonious and greedy flavor !


Chocolate & Truffles from Schwyz

A luscious chocolate ice cream with melting truffle pieces from the Swiss canton of Schwyz. An intense pleasure for the chocolate lovers !


Caramels from Basel & Apple 

The subtle pairing of a caramel ice cream and a sorbet made with Swiss apples, made rich with pieces of Basel’s famous caramel treats. A refreshing balance of flavors !