Swiss Dark Chocolate - Trinidad

Swiss Dark Chocolate - Trinidad

The most intense chocolate ice cream. True chocolate lovers have been waiting for this creation for a long time. The creamy chocolate ice cream draws its particularly intense flavour from its high cocoa content. Bittersweet chocolate shavings turn it into the utmost ultimate chocolate indulgence. Just close your eyes and enjoy the darkness.

Only the best

  • Dark Chocolate

    Dark Chocolate

    The dark secret of this chocolate ice cream is its high cocoa content. And because one dark chocolate is not like another, the one the Mövenpick Maîtres Glaciers use for this special creation is a premium bittersweet chocolate with cocoa from Trinidad, manufactured by a traditional Schwyzer company.
  • Swiss cream

    Swiss cream

    Switzerland has a long-established tradition of dairy-farming and milk processing, infused with the know-how of many generations. For this reason, our recipe contains nothing but premium-quality Swiss cream, painstakingly produced from the best Swiss cow’s milk.

Product information

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Swiss Dark Chocolate - Trinidad
  • The handy gastro tubs for professionals - ideal for a large assortment of products.
    MÖVENPICK Swiss Dark Chocolate - Trinidad, Ice Cream, 2400ml Bulk Tub
  • Allergen


    • Milk and dairy products
    • Lactose
    • Eggs and products thereof
    • May contain traces of nuts and products thereof
    • Ice cream recipe containing glucose syrup and/or dextrose derived from wheat. Glucose syrup and dextrose, even if they are derived from wheat, are considered as gluten free by Swiss and EU regulation.
  • Nutritional facts

    Nutrition information: 100 g  
    Energy 1121 kJ  
    Energy 268 kcal  
    Fat 15,4 g  
    - of wich saturates 8,8 g  
    Carbohydrate 25,7 g  
    - of which sugars 20,9 g  
    Fibre 2,3 g  
    Protein 4,9 g  
    Salt 0,17 g  


  • Ingredients

    Swiss chocolate ice cream with swiss chocolate pieces (5%). Chocolate content: 10.2 %. Cocoa origin in chocolate: Trinidad

    Ingredients: Whole *milk*, *Cream* (*milk* product), sugar, cocoa mass, glucose syrup, dextrose, low fat cocoa powder, *milk* proteins, skimmed *milk* powder, *whey* powder (*milk* product), *egg* yolk, fruit and vegetable concentrate (apple, carrot), starch (tapioca), molasses, hibiscus concentrate.      

    May contain *tree nuts*

    Store at -18°C or lower

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