Vanilla ice cream

Vanilla Dream

A vanilla dream come true ... Vanilla Dream is one of the great Mövenpick classics, and that’s no coincidence. Only the very best Swiss cream and the seeds of carefully selected Bourbon vanilla pods go into this deliciously creamy vanilla ice cream with its perfectly pure and natural flavour. Taste the difference!

Only the best

  • Swiss cream

    Swiss cream

    Switzerland has a long-established tradition of dairy-farming and milk processing, infused with the know-how of many generations. For this reason, our recipe contains nothing but premium-quality Swiss cream, painstakingly produced from the best Swiss cow’s milk.
  • Vanilla


    There's vanillla, and then there's vanilla. That’s why we’ve only ever used authentic Bourbon vanilla sourced from the tropical forests of Madagascar. This sustainably produced, premium-quality vanilla with its distinctive subtle and slightly sweet taste has a natural affinity with Swiss cream. It’s the essential ingredient in the aroma profile of this ice cream which continues to be as hugely popular as it has been for the last 25 years.

Product information

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Vanilla Dream Cup
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Vanilla Dream
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Vanilla Dream
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Vanilla Dream
  • The compact format for exclusive moments of pleasure in between.
    MÖVENPICK Vanilla Dream, Ice Cream, 100ml Cup
  • The ideal format for connoisseurs and ice cream pleasure for two.
    MÖVENPICK Vanilla Dream, Ice Cream, 500ml Tub
  • The large-size format for special moments of pleasure to share.
    MÖVENPICK Vanilla Dream, Ice Cream, 900ml Tub
  • The handy gastro tubs for professionals - ideal for a large assortment of products.
    MÖVENPICK Vanilla Dream, Ice Cream, 2400ml Bulk Tub
  • MÖVENPICK Vanilla Dream, Ice Cream, 5000ml Bulk Tub
  • Allergen


    • Milk and dairy products
    • Lactose
    • Eggs and products thereof
    • May contain traces of nuts and products thereof
    • Ice cream recipe containing glucose syrup and/or dextrose derived from wheat. Glucose syrup and dextrose, even if they are derived from wheat, are considered as gluten free by Swiss and EU regulation.
  • Nutritional facts

    Nutrition information: 100 g  
    Energy 1070 kJ  
    Energy 256 kcal  
    Fat 14,8 g  
    - of wich saturates 8,2 g  
    Carbohydrate 26,4 g  
    - of which sugars 21,8 g  
    Fibre 0,3 g  
    Protein 3,7 g  
    Salt 0,15 g  


  • Ingredients

    Vanilla ice cream

    Ingredients: *Cream* (*milk* product),  Whole *milk*,  sugar,  glucose syrup (from *wheat*),  dextrose (from corn and wheat), *whey* powder (*milk* product),  skimmed *milk* powder,  *milk* proteins, starch (tapioca),  *egg* yolk, natural flavouring (Bourbon Vanilla),  citrus fibres,  fruit and vegetable concentrate (pumpkin, apple),  spent vanilla seeds,  caramelised sugar syrup.       

    May contain traces of *tree nuts*

    Store at -18°C or lower

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