Green-tea iced mousse with lime biscuit

Iced green tea mousse, lime biscuit

Featuring Lemon & Lime

  • > 30 min
  • 6 people
  • Hard


  • *Lime biscuit*
    75 g ordinary or petit beurre biscuits
    20 g caramelised puffed rice
    7 g brown sugar
    2 Kaffir lime leaves, finely chopped
    65 g white chocolate
    25 g cocoa butter
  • *Iced green tea mousse*
    125 g full-fat cream
    3 g Matcha tea powder
    120 g sugar
    40 g water
    Zest of 2 limes
    60 g egg whites, whipped until stiff
    75 g lemon juice
  • *Green tea and apple coulis*
    200 g apple juice
    80 g water
    100 g lime juice
    80 g orange juice
    50 g honey
    30 g sugar
    2 g gelatine
    4 g Matcha tea powder
    10 g sugar
    *Matcha marshmallow*
    250 g lime juice
    6 gelatine sheets
    175 g sugar
    60 g water
    25 g glucose
    105 g egg whites
    75 g sugar
    25 g Matcha tea powder
    40 g potato starch
  • *Decoration*
    Lime watercress
    1 Granny Smith apple, finely chopped
  • Lemon & Lime


  1. *For the lime biscuit*


    Mix the puffed rice, sugar and lime leaves together.


    Heat the white chocolate and cocoa butter to 40 °C, add the dry ingredients and pour the mixture into 4.5 cm diameter ramekins until it is 1 cm thick.


    Leave the mixture to set in the fridge.


    Once the mixture has set, add a layer of approximately 1 cm of Lemon & Lime sorbet and place in the freezer.

  2. *For the iced mousse*


    Heat the cream and the Matcha tea to 60 °C, then leave it to cool 12 hours, and stir to get a creamy consistency.


    Heat the sugar, water and lime zest to 121 °C, and gently fold them into the egg whites whipped until stiff, until the mixture has cooled.


    Add 1/3 of the lemon juice to the cold egg white mixture.


    Add the rest of the lemon juice to the Matcha cream mixture, stirring well the whole time until the mixture takes on a velvety texture.


    Combine the two mixtures and place them on the lime biscuits that are already covered with the sorbet.

  3. *For the green tea and apple coulis*


    Heat the apple juice, water, lime juice, orange juice and honey.


    Mix the sugar and gelatine and add to the juices. Bring to the boil.


    Finally, add 10 g sugar and the green tea.

  4. *For the marshmallow*


    Reduce the lime juice by a quarter (approx. 85 g). Melt the gelatine in the lime juice.


    Heat the sugar, water and glucose to 127 °C and add the juice mixture.


    Add the sugar to the egg whites and beat with a whisk until the

    mixture is stiff, then carefully fold in the juice,

    stirring all the time.


    Spread the marshmallow onto an oiled baking tray that is sprinkled with icing sugar. The mixture should be 1.5 cm thick. Leave the marshmallow to set overnight somewhere cool (but not in the fridge).


    Cut into cubes.


    Before serving, mix the Matcha tea with the potato starch and use to powder the marshmallow cubes.

  5. *Caramelised puffed rice*


    Heat 150 g sugar and 50 g water to 115 °C.


    Add 150 g puffed rice and caramelise slightly, then add 5 g butter.

  6. *Finishing touches*


    Place the frozen lime biscuit with the Lemon & Lime sorbet and iced cream mousse on a plate and decorate with marshmallows.


    Add the green tea and apple coulis, the small pieces of Granny Smith apple and decorate with lime watercress.

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