Our commitment to quality

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We source our milk and cream from farms in Switzerland*.

We select our ingredients with great care. We source many of our ingredients, such as milk, cream, sugar, Basler Rahmtäfeli caramels and the chocolate for Swiss chocolate from Switzerland*.

We produce our ice cream specialities in Goldach** on Lake Constance.

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We only use sustainably-grown cocoa in our RFA-certified products.

Our Mövenpick ice creams do not contain palm oil as an ingredient.

We only use free-range eggs as a natural emulsifier in our Mövenpick ice cream base.


Consumers have the utmost confidence in Mövenpick ice cream; they appreciate the high-quality ingredients and love the irresistible flavour***. Mövenpick ice cream was born in the food service industry in the 1960s. That’s why it’s always been important that the ice cream melts slowly, giving enough time to savour the ice cream. Each year, new products with sauce and chunks and availability in over 35 countries contribute to Mövenpick’s success.


Sustainable packaging solutions are important to us. Our aim is to continue the optimization of our packaging and reduce it where possible.

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Made with love. In Switzerland** for Switzerland and the world*. Over 400 employees throughout Switzerland are the heart of our ice cream company. They make the difference and guarantee our top quality.


* We guarantee Swissness for products bearing a Swiss cross.
** For production reasons, the Passion Fruit Mango Stick and Vegan Pints are not made in Switzerland.
*** Brand Health Tracking, Switzerland, 2023, brand awareness