Free spirited



Innovation and creation

Our craftsman explore the world just like our founder by being “open and curious to everything”. We experience life to innovate and create with an open-minded and joyful attitude, we dare to think outside the square and embrace new flavours and trends. We pair this passion & joy with our gastronomical know-how and eye for detail.


We at Mövenpick have our values in the right place, in the mindset of the alpine spirit. We behave along our motto "Crafted with the Alpine Spirit", which stands for our secret ingredients of loving care, passion and joy. These values drive us to keep developing more fine Mövenpick ice cream flavours. With our naturally open-minded attitude we motivate each other to explore the world, seeking out new ingredients to create delicious innovations.

We combine our passion and tender care for nature with gastronomic know-how and keen attention to detail. Our aim is for Mövenpick ice cream to always represent the peak of natural enjoyment for our customers. So we think outside the box, picking up on new culinary and taste trends when developing our flavours. 

Discover the secrets behind
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